Bryce Canyon Tips: Hiking in Bryce Canyon Tips

Preparing Physically for Hiking in Bryce Canyon


Photo Credit: Srikanth Jandhyala

Hiking can be a very challenging activity especially for beginners who either have or do not have a guide with them. Not everything can be solved by the guide though, thus there are a few things that each hiker should know or have, especially when hiking in a place like Bryce Canyon.

1. Enroll into an aerobics exercises. This does not necessarily mean to check into a gym. Some common activities such as morning runs or climbing stairs can do the trick. However, it is also advised to check into a gym in order to learn from the best on how to take on some activities. This will help strengthen the cardiovascular muscles. This should be done at least one hour each day for three to four times a week.

2. When you enroll into a gym, ensure you lift some weights in order to create strength in the thigh and calf areas. If these muscles are strong, then it will become very easy climb up a trail. Also, include the stomach and arm muscles by carrying out pushups, stomach crunches or sit ups. That way when you visit Bryce Canyon and take on a trail such as the Navajo Loop trail you’ll be able to tackle it with ease.

3. Always consider taking the stairs instead of heading to the elevator. Whenever you are presented with the choice, take the stairs as it helps in keeping fit without the need of taking gym classes. It is a way to build up on the leg muscles.

4. Consider going for long walks whenever you can, preferably every day. In these walks, ensure there are a few challenges such as hills or stairs. This helps with the endurance package as people will stick to hiking the trail for a long time.

5. Always hike at altitude. As you climb, you will reach a certain level of altitude. Therefore, spend a lot of time hiking in the altitudes, especially in mountains, to help solving the issue of altitude.

6. As you work out, take a walk or hike, carry a bag with some weight on it. Approximate the weight that you will be carrying as you hike and place it in a backpack. This will help you build tolerance and strength for the hiking expedition itself. There are numerous hiking trails in Bryce Canyon that are stunningly beautiful, and to make certain you can see as many of them as you can you need to be able to carry weight.

7. Ensure that your hiking boots are already broken in. There are those people who go to buy a hiking boot on the last day. This is not safe as they are very rigid. They need to be flexible and by doing this, they will not cause any problem while hiking.

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