Keeping Cool When Mountain Biking in Bryce Canyon


Photo Credit: Faungg's Photo

When you are riding your motorcycle or a bicycle in hot temperatures in a place like Bryce Canyon, and you don’t take protective measures, then it could cause serious health issues. Heat stress happens when hot weather and high humidity from the sun combines with high air temperature that can make you suffer from heatstroke if you are not prepared carefully. Your body sometimes can’t handle hot temperatures very well if you have not taken proper precautionary measures while riding in hot summer day

Bryce Canyon can get really hot in the summer, if you really want to have fun in hot summer here, then make sure that you follow these cool tips to keep your riding experience cool in hot temperature.

1. Drink Plenty of Water: Remember, keep yourself hydrated while riding in hot temperatures. Drink lot of water, keep yourself cool. If you feel dehydrated you will lose energy and you could even suffer from sunstroke. So, make sure that you packed lot of fluids when you are taking a ride in hot weather.

2. Put on Sunblock: Make sure that you apply sunblock before taking a ride in hot temperatures. Sunblock protects you from the excessive exposure to the sun. When your skin exposed to extreme heat for longer period, certainly you will suffer with burns, blisters, swelling, etc. unless you apply sunblock an hour before you take on a mountain bike trail in Bryce on hot summer day.

3. Wear proper clothing: Cover up yourself with proper clothing. Avoid wearing shorts and tank top, maybe it is right dressing for hot summer day but not when you are riding on your bike in hot summer day. This kind of clothing may expose your skin to the hot sun and can cause severe damage to your skin. So, choose right cloths that keep you cool and safe when you take a ride on your bike in hot temperature.

4. Wear protective sunglasses: Wear sunglass to protect your eyes. Select black-tinted eyewear when you are riding. Avoid wearing yellow tinted glasses, or clear glasses.

5. Wear a helmet with a shade: wear a helmet that is properly vented and have a visor. This kind of helmet protects you from sunrays and keeps your head cool and clear.

6. Choose light colored cloths: Last but not least, try to wear light colored cloths as they absorb less heat.

If you follow these simple rules, then you will have a wonderful bike riding in Bryce experience, even in hot temperatures. The ride can give you pleasurable and fun filled riding experience on hot, even with blistering temperatures.