Bryce Canyon Tips: Visiting Bryce in the Winter

What to Bring Backpacking in Bryce on a Budget


Photo Credit: Luca Nebuloni

In a Bryce Canyon backpacking adventure, your best buddy is a reliable and durable backpack spacious enough for all your necessities. The main categories of backpacking essentials are: food/water, clothing, shelter, cooking equipment, electronic gadgets, first aid/medicine kit and survival kit. If you intend to stay long out in the wild of Bryce, you need to be ready with rationed food since not all locations are suitable for gathering wild edibles and fishing. Dehydrated, compact and lightweight food items are preferable. Bring food and water containers or hydration pack. There are three sets of clothing: trek, night/sleeping and socials clothes. Trek clothes should be lightweight, compact and quick-drying. Socials clothes are worn when mingling with the public or visiting malls or temples. You cannot go around public places wearing your trek clothes looking dirty and rugged.

A backpacker’s shelter is the tent, which should be lightweight and heavy-duty. Bryce Canyons climate require a dependable two- or three-season tent. Different models of cooking equipment using different kinds of fuel are available. The most common are those fuelled by butane canisters. Multi-fuel burners are quite expensive but fuel-efficient. Butane canisters and other flammable gases are not allowed in airplanes and ships but you may purchase them at local hardware stores. Other potential stuff to bring are a knife, flashlight/headlamp, matches/lighter, duct tape and quick-repair kit, ziploc or dry pack, wet/dry tissue and other toiletries, insect and itch spray/lotion, sunscreen, water filter/purifier tabs, extra batteries, map and compass, whistle, alcohol or sanitizer and plastic/garbage bag. Bring a dependable but not-so-flashy digital camera/video for documentation.

Budget Backpacking in Bryce

If you’re going backpacking on a budget in Bryce, you can still take advantage of traveling and backpacking with less money and have a great experience.

First, you must seek for discount airliners. If you have limited travel time, it is recommended that you investigate while flying between destinations.

Secondly, it is advised to be aware of fraud. This could involve lower quality tours and unfair bargains. These things can be avoided through talking to other travelers about their experiences.

Lastly, try to book only from trusted companies for tours or transportation to get the trip you are paying for. So you won’t have the unfortunate experience of not getting what you paid for.

Backpacking in Bryce Canyon Conclusion

Bryce offers some of the most intense scenery available anywhere. And many come to go backpacking here and hiking down into the coffers that is Bryce. If you are come prepared, and then you’ll be able to experience all there is to experience in Bryce, and go home with a smile on your face.

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